In 2018, the work meeting of the Correspondents of Guangqi Parts Luogang Area was successfully held.
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  On April 26th, the "Guangzhou Auto Parts Luogang Area Correspondents Work Exchange Conference" was held in Guangzhou as scheduled. The event was convened by Xu Ruiqi, director of Guangzhou Automobile Parts Office, and edited by six brothers from Guangzhou Bridgestone, Guangzhou Stanley, Guangzhou Guangaixing, Guangzhou Linjun, Guangzhou Sanye and Guangzhou Showa. Nearly 20 people from the Ministry attended the meeting. The conference conducted in-depth discussions and full exchanges on the two themes of “publicity work experience exchange and news writing skills sharing”.

  The meeting was presided over by Zeng Wei, Chairman of the Guangzhou Showa Labor Union. Rao Debin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the company made an opening speech and gave a general speech on the importance of the propaganda work, the purpose and significance of the event, and the focus of the writing. Then he entered the exchange and study of the core content of the conference.

a) Viewpoint discussion: briefings and experience exchanges between companies

  At the meeting, the heads of the internal magazines and editorial departments of the companies gave a brief introduction to the company's publicity work and the specific form of the company's internal magazines. They also reflected the difficulties and shortcomings in the work, and contributed to the group. The specific confusion that exists.

  During the sharing process, each brother company made a free speech and mutual discussion around their respective characteristics and confusions. Some enterprises distributed internal periodicals on the spot, which enabled the brother companies to learn from each other and learn from each other's strengths. The effect of the exchange meeting was obvious.

2) On-the-spot teaching: sharing of news writing skills, clear propaganda work

  In the special symposium, combined with the description of the propaganda work of various enterprises, the director of the Guangzhou Auto Parts Xu Ruiqi made a comment, and proceeded from the theory, based on the contribution of the company, combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, the targeted method of writing the news and The skills have been explained in all aspects.

Mr. Xu first explained the concept and characteristics of the news, indicating that the news refers to the recent factual reports, which must have five characteristics: authenticity, timeliness, interest, vividness and readability. Emphasize that news must be pre-released, respect for facts, content is king, and corporate news should focus on factual reporting.

  Later, with his own work experience and actual cases, Mr. Xu gave an easy-to-understand explanation of the news elements and techniques, and taught them how to take an effective and useful news picture. At the same time, he gave a brief description of the series of articles, long articles and so on. Finally, Xu pointed out that writing is incomparable, only keen observation, combined with the latest news of the enterprise, in accordance with the major elements of writing, in order to write a good news, will create easy to adopt material In order to truly play the role of propaganda.

  This special lecture, the theory combined with the actual, in-depth explanation, using examples to speak, not only eliminates the confusion of the companies on the news writing and propaganda work, but also let everyone know how to use the skills to carry out news writing and publicity research, played a very Good results.

  The work exchange activity of the correspondent of Guangqi Parts Luogang District was successfully completed. Everyone received the goods and was full of energy! I look forward to sharing it again after practice.


(Figure 1: 6 brothers to introduce their respective company propaganda work)


(Figure 2: Teacher Xu explains writing knowledge and skills)

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